Always on my mind (Story Behind)

Always on my mind (Story Behind)

Always on my mind is a song that can enjoy anyone regardless the age, enjoy when you are in love, when you are heart broken, this is a song that covered by many great artists over a long period of time. Elvis Presley was the one who bring song to the people and bring up on the charts even though he is not the first one to sang it. He made the song a instant hit at his time and still Always on mind is one of Elvis’s most famous songs to now. So Elvis made it a hit but really who was the real creator of the song.

Song was initially sang by Gwen McCrae in the year of 1972. This was initially a soul ballad title, song was written by Mark James, Johnny. But later Brenda Lee made her own version of the song later years. 

Storyline of the song is simple, it says about someone who loves their partner very much but not always do things to show the appreciation yet always love in mind, this song tells them that even though I didn’t always show I’m always thinking of you. Co song writer Wayne Carson one said that most of the time when he is writing songs he write them in the kitchen table, may be within 10 minutes he completes a song. Wayne Carson lived in Springfield Missouri. But for this particular song he took over a year to complete. Producer Chips Moman knew about this song, and one day after a recording he asked from Wayne “What about that ‘mind song’ of your”. By the time song still wants a bridge. When Wayne was in upstairs figuring out the bridge of the song, Johnny and Mark came into the room and eventually Wayne asked their help to finished up his song. By the help of them “tell me” bridge was filled. 

In time the song came into the hand of one of the bodyguards of Elvis and he gave it to him. Elvis did his “Always in my mind” on 29th of March 1972, that was the time few weeks after his divorce with his wife Priscilla. Song was a real turnaround for the Elvis’s carrier he got more and more fame and respectful singer thanks to this song. ”Always in my mind” became one of most famous songs of Presly not only in 1970s and also to the date. In 2013 in the ITV specials song became most successful song of Elvis Presly’s carrier by a vote. Even though it only ranked to 9th place on UK charts it became a gold status in United States for selling over one million records. 

In 1980s, a decade after Elvis’s release legendary country song singer Willie Nelson re-released a heart worming acoustic  country version of “Always on my mind”. Guess what happened, song hits the country charts hard, it instantly become number one song, 5th position of all songs charts, and also he won a Grammy Award for the song. Same like Alvis’s, Willie Nelson’s version only hit 49th position in United Kingdom charts.

After few years of Willie Nelson, Pet Shop Boys released a pop version of “Always on my mind”. And ITV marked it as a special for the 10th anniversary of Alvis’s death. Pet Shop Boys cover become so popular and later decided to make a single because o f the success. In Christmas charts song hits no 1 position.

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