Ashley McBryde and Carl Pearce

Ashley McBryde and Carl Pearce

Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce are the second female duet in 30 years to have reached No.1. I have just written this and I still can’t believe it. With all the great female duets we have had over the years surely this can’t be true. Their country song ‘Never Wanted To Be That Girl Has gained the number 1 spot on the Mediabase/Country Aircheck charts as well as the Billboards what an achievement although it’s been a long time coming.

This song had been co-written by Shane McAnally, Pearce, and McBryde.Pearce has already had three no-1 hits. This was still even a bigger deal for her because it was only the second time a no1 was made in thirty years by a female duet. As for McBryde’s, it was here first country song to have reached no 1. Which was overwhelming news for her. For those of you who didn’t hear this from other fans or magazines. Then I guess you would have seen it posted on social media by both artists. They were very thankful to the fans for making history happen and spent time chatting about the song. when Shane Mcanally, McBryde, and Pearce were writing this song all they had on their minds were the women they would grow up hoping to be .but soon realized life had other ideas on how they were going to turn out to be. I believe they would have never expected ‘Never Wanted to be that Girl” To turn out such a great country song 


 and to reach no1 how amazing. Look what happened with the No1 country song on country radio 


 and the ACM trophy for Music Event of the year. These three are now locked 


 in a musical friendship that will last the test of time.McBryde also shared on social media that first times only come once .she’s in her element of glory And to have had Carly and Shane to share such a great moment is absolutely amazing. Carly had an idea to have Ashley on a song 


 with her. And  Pearce already shared a label with her so it was only right for them to come together It was a natural thing .they seem to fit together well. They know to themselves now how they can move forward with their music to have reached a number one means your country songs are on the right path you can only now relax and write the right type of country songs that the world wants to hear. ‘Never Wanted To Be That Girl’ has been performed at a number of places including the 55th Annual CMA Awards and 57th Annual Academy of country music awards. which is the path it took to be the great No 1 that it is.

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