Rock the ocean's Tortuga music festival

Back in 2022 Rock the ocean’s Tortuga music festival

Just hear thinking about the great annual rock the ocean’s tortuga music festival back in 2022 what an amazing event and all the stars¬†ūüĆü¬†came out in full colour we had luke Bryan,miranda lambert ,and tim mcgraw on top of the pile of course were else would you expect country music to be .but then their were so many othersbut not just country music you also had rock reggae and much more the music was hitting you left right and centre as if you were in the ring with Mike tyson not hitting you with pain but pure pleasure I dont think anyone could keep their feet still some body movement had to take place head movement¬† hands feet you just had to move with excitement just to put some of the diverse names down they had Morgan wallen,vanilla ice now thats a name I’ve long forgotten,toots and the maytals who were the number one band in their era ,then we hand the likes of cole swindell,runaway June,pitbull,locash,Jon Langstone,but to name a few this was an event that spread ove three days if only I had the energy to experience all three of them days and as well as all this the event¬† raise funds and awareness for ocean conservation just reflecting on the moment…

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