Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope country music star

Well, the best has come out at the keys to country concert .cassadee pope and many others shine like the stars they are. The eighth series of the installment of the keys to country music hawks cay resort in April duck key Florida there were many songwriters and singers Sara Darling, Trent Tomlinson, Jeff garrisons but to name a few this is what we want this performance keeps us in love 

 with the musicians and the music and some of the greatest songwriters, we already know how quickly the tickets go for this concert from last year’s experience as of the high-quality country music performances that keep coming watch this space for the love of country music 

  hawks cay is the place to be for country music and when the music stops you can go poolside and hear the chit  chat about the songs why they wrote that particular song and what it meant to them personally which will bring you a greater understanding of the song or you may relate to it personally and that’s what country music 


 is all about real life stories a great song thats got your soul to blend in within the night was in the performance by Sarah darling (coastin) which just took your mind into relaxed mood and you could just dirft away for a minute or two Jeff garrisons also step up along side Sarah and sung songs he took part in writing and really put it to us all ronnie bowman and Keith also sung some well know greats which they also wrote we already know you can’t get more feeling from a song than a song that the performer wrote him or herself they can just bring out the emotions that go with that song they have that deeper feeling which as a listener you can feel songs like ‘its getting better all the time’ just by repeating the title of the song that will uplift you every time and thats just the title thats crazy what about the rest of the song fantastic we know some of the songs are old songs and done by a few artists before but by other artists doing them over just keeps the songs and us alive there’s always great stories in great music Emily Shackleton and trent tomlinson were off the hook ‘what he didn’t do’ i know the way’ nice to hear Emily singing there’s song adding a new voice and a new sound to them trent tomlinson had a great hit “one wing in the fire 


 “in case you didn’t know “which he performed and a few more which some he write for other artists. the artist took it all a step further by autographing not one but two guitars to raise money for a local food bank what a way to open your heart to the people .pope was sure happy to be there one of the better places to be however the best is still yet to come with current album thrive which she has performed on the thrive tour we shall hear her perform in her own time  she had such an amazing time which brought out the best in her with much more still to come i think singer’s song writers are mixing more and working off each other which produce great songs that last a life time and beyond I know pope has country music in her heart as she challenges herself to write better and more meaningful songs it seem to get the best out of pope she has to be relaxed comtable  and grounded once she’s in that zone nothing can stop her.when pope was asked to create a great line up on stage  she came up with a list of artists she would have on stage and all for different reasons this shows how deeply she thinks and the respect she has for different artists doing things a little way different what a show that would a be a bit of everything thats fit in with country music 


 pope ended the weekender with the last few songs I say the last few but she was on stage for an hour songs like “wasted ing all these tears “thinking of you “which she done with her boyfriend. And other diversified songs just show she is willing to explore and change things up just a little….

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