Chris Janson has reached new heights on his new album “All in”with an added 16 new songs and the likes of Eric Church and Travis Tristan sound like we’re on a winner to me I guess Chris had his work cut out for him to know were  Eric and Travis were going to be featured on the album and 16 new tracks which he co-wrote 15 of them and co-producing all 16 I am sure no easy task but when you got the talent you’ve got the talent and he sure has it in abundance the album is the sort of album you can play all day long just over and over again just the one album and the more you know the words to the songs the more you would enjoy it you just feel it is going to be great with added stars Eric Church and Travis Tristan. Jason and Eric appeared on a television special at the grand one opry house and became friends and decided to write and record together so after a whole day’s fishing together and putting the world to wright’s they found they had a lot in common well they drank beer and fished and had wife’s and children seems like that’s exactly what country boys do to me. It all started with a text message from the church to Janson they wrote: “flag on the wall” church had already had pieces of the song “flag on the wall “and then texted it over to Janson when Janson heard it he knew it was going to be a great it just needed a few touches here and there and a few more lyrics so Janson recorded the song he wrote with the church and then decided to sing a song that he had nothing to do with someone else wrote it so the church decided to send the song to Janson to ask his opinion of the song was a bit darker than what they had sung before so Janson was a bit hesitant and asked the church to sing the song with him great that was out the way then. Church wrote the song “You Me and the river “this time by himself then co-produced it with Janson and he also sang on it. These two singers seem to be bonding quite well and also filmed a cinematic music video for the track with Janson with his hopes held high thinking that the video could become video of the Janson already had Church singing with him but decided to ask Travis Tritt to the mixed  Tritt was very keen to get on board I guess he could feel it in his spirit that things were about to get greater than what they already were. Janson and co-producer Tommy Cecil traveled to Georgia to Tritt’s studio to record “Things you can’t live without ” Janson knew the recording was going to turn out amazing and it did just as he thought it would and made a statement “this is one of my favorite collaborations to date”.he said he felt honored to record with Tritt and had now developed a deep friendship with him. as a fan I can feel between all three of these great singers appreciation for each other a great bond 


 a deep love of the music and a spiritual connection which in these days is not easy to get that complete balance especially when you have three great singer-songwriters to put together however Janson got the mix perfectly matched. we all know Janson’s sound but now he has decided to change it up a little by introducing a little retro style on one of his tracks “love don’t sleep being a visual person when it comes to the writing process. for this song which is disco-inspired Janson envisioned the movie urban cowboy .cowboy hats and pointed-toe boots and mickey galley playing in the background ” I mean what a great mind to be able to put this all together just by visualization he also referenced one surprising inspiration – Kacey Musgrave “high horse ” he loved the feeling of the song and the overall vibe it sent out. Janson says he hopes “All In” brings a good vibe and a welcome of our freedom in America 


 and a blessing we are all alive well as a fan this album “All In” dose much more than that it helps me to relax hope for a better future brings peace to my heart 


 even show respect to all living things and more so its a winner for me “All In” hearing is believing…

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