Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson have hit the jackpot with the song “never say never”
Wright to the number one spot now they can say to themselves never say never it had only been a country music for 23 weeks before we all went on a mission to support it this song flying high at both Billboard and Mediabase country airplay what a way to go of course they both have been in this position before but ism sure every time you make a number one hit you get emotional because you knew what it took to get you there and they still had to look back and realized everyone’s efforts the push and the drive it took from all parties to make it to number one again and to express it on social media for the world to see I believe  cole had a gut feeling about this song 🎵 and knew it would do well but to take it a little further he needed that special female touch and he found that in Lainey Wilson and big thank

you went out to country radio the fans the team that worked with him not to mention Jessica Alexander and chases Magill to of the great songwriters and all who made this song possible to live in our hearts this song was released in November 2021 “never say never ” this song just shot everywhere when released I think all country music lover knew just where it was going straight to the top and is on his new album stereotypes.  They were both at each other in their relationship and knew it had to come to an end love was keeping them together but mainly pulling them apart so it was difficult to make the break this is the story of the song which millions of us must have something similar happened to us during our lives moving forward cole can’t wait to bring us great music and believe me we can’t wait to hear sing and dance to it and it some cases make love to it bring it on I say this just shows cole and Lainey make great friends make great music

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