Country Songs that everyone knows

Country songs may look like they are self centered to drinks, fights, accent and to the flag of America. Yes some of them are looks like that, but the real base and heart of the country music is overcome the difficulties, winning of love and loss, pride of the family and country also heartbreak. Those are the real potential or the values which leads to born this genre. From legendary Willie Nelson, H. Williams, Dolly Parton to Orville Peck, Lil Nas’s heart worming country songs. There are many branches to the country music genre, Traditional country music, Outlaw country music, Disco country music and Pop country music though how many genre spun, all of them belongs to mothership called country music.

Today’s list contains songs from all the country genres, so don’t blame the list for not having only your beloved singers, this list is for demonstrate all the country music tree with all her branches. But I’m pretty sure you will find a song to tap your toes from his list.

1. I Walk  – J. Cash

Cash wrote this on backstage in NBD one night, and he wrote this to his wife, he quote “pledge of devotion” to his loving new wife. Song manages to hit no 1 in billboard and stay on in for over 43 weeks.

2. Jolene – Dolly Parton

This is not the first time Dolly Parton’s song become top of the charts. One times Dolly relived that actual Jolene is in her bank teller and also a huge fan of her once she met one of her show.

3. Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

Garth made a big time fame out of this song by making it on No 1 position on charts. Song was written by Dewayne and Bud Lee, well know song writing duo.

4. Choices – George Jones

Do anyone needs an introduction about George Jones?. He is knows as the greatest country singer living, not to mention that he had many songs topped on charts.

5. Concrete Angel – Martina McBride

This is a great songs by McBride, a story about a girl who living in a abusive world, song is heart touching and emotional one.

6. Kiss an Angel Good Morning – Charley Pride

Pride is one of the greatest country song writers in the industry. You should listened to his other great works like Fiddle-kissed, the peppy.

7. Where Were You – Alan Jackson

Alan Eugene Jackson is not only a great singer but also a song writer, he is famous for changing the country songs and country pop songs. HE has released 16 Song albums as studio, 3 greatest hits albums and also 2 Christmas albums. 

8. $Live Like You Were Dying – $Tim McGraw

Song is a rea deal for anyone who want to take it seriously. It’s keeps yelling you to live your life to the fullest. Song awards CMA award show in 2004 and also ACM awards.

9. $#I Hope You Dance – $Lee Ann Womack

What a emotional and heart worming song from Ann Womack, song is still a essential on weddings for father-daughter dance making the moment more sentimental. Lee Ann Womack won Grammy for the song.

10. Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver

Can anyone make a best country song list with out Denver’s Take me home? Song initially came out in 1971, song know to be Denver’s best.   

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