Dolly about time too

Dolly is about time too

Dolly Parton is about as big as a superstar gets. Although her wishes were to drop out of the nomination it just doesn’t sit well with me and with all she has done for country music she should automatically be put into the Rock&Roll Hall of framing the joy and happiness she has brought to our hearts millions and millions of us worldwide Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, eminent, carry Simon, Duran Duran, and many more artists have to wait far too long to be inducted some only seem to be inducted when their careers are over which in my opinion is far too late I think when dolly Parton decline to be nominated she really didn’t know how many hearts she healed throughout the world and how many women she gave joy and strength to showing them a woman you can make it to the top no matter how hard it gets. Although we respect her wishes not to be nominated she doesn’t quite understand how saddened our heartfelt Dolly Parton you are worthy of this and much much more however the latest news is she has now accepted to be placed in the rocking roll Hall of fame  she never saw herself as a rock and roll artist that’s why she didn’t want to be entered into the rock and roll hall of fame but little did she knew her country music hit many of hearts in the rock & roll world 


  so we can expect to see her go down as one of the greats of rock and roll and country music as well as many others on November the 5 at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles at the 2022 rock and roll Hall of the Fame induction ceremony.

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