Freddie Bailey

Freddie picked urban to be his coach

It must have been a great shock to Keith urban while sitting in that now-famous red chair with his back to the artist on stage on the voice down under in Australia and that was the voice of the young 17-year-old Freddie Bailey singing his latest song wild hearts which by the way already a hit urban looked genuinely surprised to hear one of his hits and coming from such a young fresh voice as he turned around in his chair all he could focus on was this young fresh face singing his song wild hearts 💕 is it a coincidence that the song was written for those chasing their musical dreams.

and here was this young boy chasing his singing that song well Freddie Bailey turned a few heads urban and Jessica mauboy didn’t take long in turning around the other two judges also wanted to turn around but knew by what this young man sang and his great voice who he would choose to maybe go on and help him develop his career  but Jessica mauboy step in and practically beg Freddie Bailey to join her team as she had a love for country music and had also won a competition singing a County song way back in the day but urban took it on himself to ask Freddie Bailey what other talents he may have Freddie said he also writes songs urban made a joked about the song Freddie audition with but the smiled as was greatful he brought his song to the limelight urban was so greatfull that he decided to jump up on stage and sung “wild hearts” again with him urban even gave Freddie a guitar pick and said he in joyed the moment and only they may sing together once again i guess
Freddie was overjoyed, to say the least, there was not much more to do other than Freddie picking urban to be his coach.

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