Cade Foehner

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner everlasting love.

Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett have now made a video of a lifetime of love. a love that we all wish to go through. The husband and wife video 


 sets them up for a great acting career if they choose that road to go down. This video starts off from the time they met and goes some years forward. There are small clips of Barrett performing songs throughout parts of the video. They met in 1962 and as life goes as we know comes with more and more responsibilities. For example jobs, houses, children, and so on. The video continues to show them at a ripe old age where Barrett’s character is in hospital 


 and Foehner brings flowers 


. which is a sign of hope and love and recovery. They both have been down this road before where they have made videos Foehner has been in a Barrett video before in the videos for “footprints on the moon 


  ” and the “good ones”. This pick-me-up video is on the deluxe edition of Barrett’s debut album  Goldmine. There were a number of artists and writers on this 17-track project with 15 sound writing credits to Barrett’s name. Barrett at the time pick me up writing didn’t have a laid-back country song. This song was inspired by the music of George strait while Barrett was driving 


.  Just imagine driving alone at night with the one you love without saying anything you can just feel that love that surrounds you both. Foehner and Barrett on the 16 American idols 2018 got engaged a year later 2019 March then got married in October. Then had their first child 2 years later. Now the video picks me up and shows lasting love. And Ln real life they are following the same road. How relaxed must your body mind soul be may god bless them?

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