GHOST STORY Carrie underwood

GHOST STORY Carrie underwood

Carrie underwood produce another outstanding performance at the Grammy awards as we expected her to be such a great performer this was about a woman haunting her boyfriend making sure whatever he did she remains in his mind not a very nice thing to sing about but here we have it. I wonder what brought this song to her mind perhaps her great creativeness or does she really believes in ghosts. 


¬†and that you can really haunt someone I wonder if she has any experience in this type of phenomenon and why she has brought this to us the fans but what a performance with such grace and power your eyes could do no more other than stay fixed on her as if she had you under a spell or a trance maybe she did if you believe after winning eight Grammy awards. I guess she had the power to take her fans whichever way she likes and I for one I’m happy to go right along with her as long as l don’t end up with my ex haunting my mind would drive you mad I think. I think by this time in her performance some fans had lost their minds, men and women, they could only focus on the great pair of legs she has perhaps she could have been a model she also has the looks and the body for it I might add but I’m glad she chose to sing to many great¬†


¬†songs we would have missed I think they could turn this song into a flim think about it two people in love the boyfriend then falls out of love and kills his girlfriend because she’s still in love with him and can’t let him go and her spirit decides to haunt him what a great flim that would make with Carrie underwood song playing throughout the flim just thought did you know her album my savior won best root gospel album and also nominated best country group performance with jason aldean with the song “if I didn’t love you” Carrie underwood still has great respect for the Grammy awards and knows it is a privilege to be able to perform at this event after winning eight Grammy awards she knows were here bread is butterd and shows respect to her fans by giving every song all of what her soul has to give can’t wait to see her perform again…

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