Best country songs ever

How deep a story country songs go 

I remember back in the 70s  I’d be watching a film where country music was featured and there always be a bar fight going on. And lots of drinking as if this was all country music was all about. So the audience that wasn’t real deep into country music or country songs Would think that that’s all country songs had to offer a drink in a bar and then a fight. so moving on from the films and programs that contain country music.
When seeing these great country artists on stage or hearing them on the radio. You come to realize how deep a story country songs 🎵 go. Country songs tell us of love, heartbreak, songs about depression, and adventure, it speaks of the devil. And of drugs. Many of the artists who sing country songs Sing about their own lives and about the way they feel about certain situations 😌 . If you were just to listen to one country’s artist for one week. You could tell what they felt about life. And at certain times of their life want they were going through and how they felt about what was going on around them. There’s a country song that everyone can relate to whether it’s personal or you know of someone going through the message that’s written in the song. So they a country song that will touch everyone’s heart ❤. There are country songs that are happy songs. So if you feeling low they can pick you up and make your day a happy one. If you want to be joyful and happy there are happy country songs. There are country songs that you would only choice for a party if you wanted to keep everyone dancing. Or to just sit and chill out as well. You could even take it a step further and have a karaoke 🎤 night full of country songs.
What is considered the best country songs ever  Are the songs that generate the most money 💰 or are played the most on the radio 📻. But that is not necessarily so. If the most hurtful 💔 thing that has ever happened to you was let’s say your husband cheated on you. Then every time you would hear the song your cheating heart ❤ . That would be the song that would affect your emotional state of mind. I am not saying that would be your best country song. But it would be the country song 🎵 that affected you the most. Country songs affect us in so many ways so people keep listening and playing country songs god bless you all.

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