Ok, we have all heard about Jana Kramer’s divorce so this is some of what she said about it. And some of it is just my feelings and opinion so read on and let’s see if you agree or disagree. Divorce is a very painful process especially when you have started off living in love.

As time goes on the pain of the divorce lifts off your heart and shoulders. Time has passed for Jana Kramer so her heart is facing another direction In other words deep down inside she feels she may find love again but is in no rush to seek it. It will happen when it happens. But I guess what a great relief it must have been when her divorce came through finally way back in July. She had been married to former NFL player Mike Caussin. Jana has said she had needed some time alone to heal the pain of love. we all would have had to do the same if we were separated from love it is just a matter of healing and that takes time how long you just won’t know. Jana had first filed for divorce back in April after six years of marriage to Caussin.

Caussin had been accused of inappropriate material conduct “which also had included adultery. What a shock for Jana all along thinking she had the heart of the man in her dreams only to find he was in the arms of another. Jana had already had previous experience of this when the couple first separated in 2016 after reports of Caussin infidelity had emerged. You would have thought that he would have put his senses together and knew that this type of behavior would only in up in divorce. He put it all down to having a sex

addiction and had decided to seek treatment for it. After about a year of separation, they both decided that there was some love still left in the relationship and made up their minds to reconcile about a year later. They both took a trip to Hawaii where they renewed their vows. On Whine Down, Kramer’s podcast, the couple’s marital trouble was a frequent topic of discussion. As to why this had to be broadcast everywhere I’m not sure maybe it was easier for Jana Kramer to handle it. Well, Jana seems to have made something out of all this drama. It has provided the basis for a book with the title being “The Good Fight” Wanting to leave, Choosing to Stay, and the powerful practice of Loving Faithfully as we can see all of the things she would have thought going through this breakup. I’m wondering whether the pains of love and hurt will travel through to her future relationships only she will know that I guess. Jana had gone on to say that on paper she had a pass that hadn’t been so good and as for now she would like to meet someone that will show some interest in what she has been through. Well, that’s all fine cos that would mean that the person would be of a kind and considerate soul. I hope she finds that person as then she would have found love. I also hope as she moves on that she takes on her past experience with Caussin as something she had to experience and learn from and not something that has left hatred in her heart and will not take it with her on her journey throughout life. Theirs is love left as Jana Kramer has two children from her relationship with Caussin a 5-year-old Jolie and a 2year old son Jace that’s a love that will last through all eternity. Kramer was awarded primary custody and causing ordered to pay $3,200 in child support every month.

Jana Kramer state’s that her perspective has changed now being single and she sees things from a new angle now. She says that she’s not looking for just a fling but to find her person. that’s all well and good but you never know what’s on the other person’s mind. Let what will be, be. we all @ country songs love you and wish you all the happiness and love this world has to offer…

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