Joe Nichols - Home Run


I know you’ve all probably seen it by now. it is over a year since Joe Nichols showcased his warm loving ❤ video ‘Home Run.” I myself have watched it again and felt the love coming from this video. This is a video where the whole family connects and plays their part in the video.

And by that, I mean wife and daughters. And theirs no closer love than that. At the time Joe Nichols released ‘Home Run’ He was then the Grammy-nominated quartz Hills Record artist. This music video was directed by David ‘Doc’ and showed some of the great scenes of Nashville.” Like the “music city Baseball Field. You can feel the love 💘 in the video and in the real-life of Joe. Just look at the lovely warm welcome he gets from his family every time he comes back from a tour. What a great artist having achieved multiple platinum awards. Not only are his wife and two daughters in the video but also his mom and sister. Not only is this a time they all can sit back and watch it. And reflect on such joyful moments for the generations to come. ‘Home Run’ was Joe Nichols’s new release since his 2018 EP never gets old. The song Home run was written by Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Ross Copperman, his tenth studio album ‘Good for living “is set for release in February 2022. So guess keep an eye out for that and grab a copy soon as you can. With 13 tracks there’s a lot to listen to as well as sing and dance to. This album has a new vibe to it taking country music down a new path. But also taking it to new heights.


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