“Raining on Sunday” as we know is another great song sung by Keith Urban. But when Kelly Clarkson decided to go on stage on her own show and sing this great country song 🎵.

She absolutely overwhelmed the fans. How on earth can she do that take such a great song to another level. This woman is gifted talented and amazing all rolled into one. The Texas native performed the song during her hit show’s “kellyoke” segment.
As the fans heard this great performance their hearts 💕 were telling them to leave a comment on YouTube praise upon praise when hearing her rendition of the country hit song. The fans were just amazed she is just talented and her talent just keeps on giving her limitless too good to be true. The song “Raining on Sunday ” was written by Radney Foster and Darrell Brown. Foster had originally done this song in 1999 and it was on her album. The album was called see what you want to see.

This track really hit the headlines when it was sung by Urban, who had covered it on his 2022 album, Golden Road. This song made the charts on country radio where it had made its way into the top 5. Clarkson shares a variety of covers during the ” Kellyoke” segment of her show, including a recent rendition of Blake Shelton’s ” Who Are You When I am Not Looking” and Faith Hill’s “Let’s Go To Vegas. ” Clarkson has done many other covers before such as Billy Carrington’s ” Let Me Down Easy,” jo Dees Messina”s “Heads Carolina, Tails California” Faith Hills “It Matters To Me “Pam Tillis’s “Maybe It Was Memphis” and Wynonna’s “No One Else On Earth ” she has done other covers as well which just shows she can reach the highs and the lows of any country songs 🎵.

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