Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy received a warrant

Country and western singer laine Hardy finds himself in deep water when the louisiana state University police Department issued him a warrant  this April 28th laine Hardy took to social media just to announce a statement saying that someone had brought allegations against him but would not say what these allegations were but said he would cooperate with the police i wonder if these are just allegations or theirs some truth in it and these aren’t just allegations he  has realised he’s a star ✨ and that all of his fans world wide will be keeping a close eye on things to see what materialise iam sure we as fans will stand by him untill these allegations blow over as we know music and fans mean the world 🌎 to him.he said that the allegations were of a sensitive nature leaving us to wonder what the hell these allegations could be about im sure the whole world wish him the best and for this mess to be cleared up as soon as possible mean while we’re just have to bath in his gorgeous debut album 😍 “Heres To Anyone ” which we heard last year September with songs 🎵 such as “memories you”let there be country “the other la”and tiny town. Let’s hope he makes an appearance in May when the great idol reunion returns and he’s due to meet Laci Kate booth on stage for a duet we wish him all the best and a brighter future.

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