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Luke combs & Cody Johnson knockout

Luke combs and Cody Johnson on stage at California’s country music festival well what can you say but fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. What they decided to do was to sing a brook and Dunn hit ‘brand new man’.And we know it’s a risky business when doing someone else’s song. Because the fans want to hear it as good as or better than the original.

Combs had asked Johnson up on stage with him to sing ‘Brooks and Dunns debut smash ‘Brand new man’. The fans were rocked off their feet and so overjoyed they all started singing even the superstars got in on the act and were singing along as well. That was such a great night it was all over social media the very next day. Combs showed his appreciation to Cody Johnson by telling all the fans that Cody was the baddest man in Country music. What an honor for Cody to hear combs say that. Combs has a few more stadium shows this year. Johnson will join up with him again it is going to be marvelous this summer. Luke combs has an album coming out in June ‘Growing up’his single is at no 5 in the chats ‘doin’ so he’s doing very well. And Cody Johnson has a chart-topper also called ‘Til you cant’.so they are both doing very well I’m pleased to say.

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