Maddie Poppe and Lee Hutchinson

Maddie Poppe and Lee Hutchinson | Duet of Duets

Maddie Poppe and Lee Hutchinson are on stage together wow well I think they both go hand in hand two great artists with many great songs to sing and many more to make. and on stage on “idol” what a reunion for them they both have been on idols before and made friends very quickly they have seen each other on stage a number of times it has brought a great respect and friendship for each other. Poppe suggests that American idols helped launch her career and how it lead to love.


  it just sounds amazing to how or when love hits us we just never know when this is going to happen they sang “islands 


 in the stream”.most of their fame came from the show and captured the audience by singing hit songs you could see from a mile off this was meant to be a first-class duet after them singing many songs and many duets there was only one way this was going straight to the top “The one that got away” is popped new single so keep up fans lets go buy it.” slot machine syndrome ” is Hutchinson new project. Although we have seen many duets on American idols none quite like this one this one is true love singing. Laine Hardy ‘Ruben Studdard, Lauren Alaina, Kris Allen, and Justin Guarini, were on the stage at one point but the duet by Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie popped stole the show keep your eyes open for many more great stars on American idol never to be missed.

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