Naomi Judd's death at the age of 76

Naomi Judd’s death at the age of 76

The sad news of Naomi Judd’s death at the age of 76 has hit all country music fans right in their hearts.❤️ She die from the horrible disease of mental illness and just at what would have been one of the many high lights of her life Her country music Hall of fame induction however her death did not stop the Hall of fame induction from going ahead and rightly so she earned that wright long time ago I can only feel sympathy for her daughters and only God knows what they must be going through to have that amazing amount of love for your mum then it’s just taken away from you our hearts go out to you and standing strong and to let this great honor the Hall of frame induction go ahead I feel this hard-hitting death comes a few weeks after Naomi Judd and Wynonna Judd performance of” love can build a bridge” at the 2022 CMT music awards just seem to be A fitting message from the angels 

 I’ll tell you why Naomi is over with the angels right now and there is still that love connection between her and her daughters and the rest of her family and fans and that’s the bridge of love that we have now and forever and it was meant to kick off their farewell tour which brings about a similar difference to Micheal Jackson last show he was meat to put on before he passed away. Is there a message somewhere in all this well I’m not sure but what we do know is mother and daughter had 14  number 1s how great of an achievement is that like “rocking ‘with the rhythm of the rain 

 “why not me” grandpa” and the list goes on just by the title of these songs you can tell they sang about what they felt that’s why you will find in the 80 twenty top ten hits and I mean 20 million albums sold and platinum after platinum albums outstanding so they started their careers in the 80s and became superstar hand down nine CMA awards seven academies of country music awards and five Grammy awards back in 2016 Naomi told in her book how sure suffered from mental illness and depression what a sad ending to such a great superstar.

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