Noah Thompson | A Tribute to grandma

Noah Thompson | A Tribute to grandma 

When it’s time to sing like you have never done before ‘Noah Thompson “pulled out all the stops with a heart-felt performance. When he paid tribute to his grandmother Karen. She was the one who raised him. The stage was filled one by one with seven of the top American Idol contestants. A chance for them to pay tribute and honor their mothers for mothers day. Although Noah always loved the drums and his love for music it seems natural for his grandmother ‘Karen ‘and other friends and family to think that one day he’d turn out to be a drummer. But Noah had other ideas when he took to the guitar 🎸 .

which lead him to be in the making. After his parent’s divorce Noah’s dad had made up his mind for Noah to go live with his grandmother ‘Karen “.His grandmother now became that mother that we all wish we had. His grandmother went to visit Noah in California and was happy to meet him in his home surroundings. That love they have just drawn them together ❤. Noah has a one-year-old son named ‘walker’ Which Noah’s grandmother 👵 finds absolutely adorable and can see some of the same characteristics that Noah has. How nice was it for them to be together at this time .she was overjoyed with emotion? Noah’s grandmother has Noah’s son walker so much in her life and loves every minute of it. And Noal is so grateful for that. He talks about what a wonderful person she is and how she took care of him every step of the way. How she made a good man out of him and he knows he is a good father to his kid because of the way she had brought him up. So as a special tribute he is going to sing ‘Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac.” Noah remembered a time when he and his grandmother were listening to this song by Fleetwood Mac . And his grandmother ‘Karen “started to cry 😢. Noah choose this because he knew it would show his grandmother and all the world 🌎 just how much love 💘 he had for her and how he was so grateful to have her in his and his son’s life. He knew once again that his performance of Fleetwood mac’s ‘landing slide” would touch his grandmother’s heart ❤ . The amount of passion Noah sang with even the judges felt it and called it one of the best performances to date. All three judges had nothing but great praises for him he’s a star in the making.

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