The Grammys 2022

The Grammys

As we all know the grammes is a big event with many of stars, especially as more and more great females singers in the making however the fans of the wonderful singer Carrie underwood were most upset 


 because she wasn’t put forward for these awards (GRAMMY MUSEUM’S NEW WOMEN IN COUNTRY EXHIBIT) the fans have to understand there are only so many that can be put forward as much as you love your favourite artist you can’t expect them to be were you want them to be you just can’t walk into the number one spot we all know you have to earn it and when your up against super star’s and old favourites that have already won people’s hearts you really have to work hard as an artist i mean who dont love Dolly Parton,Taylor swift,Shania twain amongst other great artists we know carrie underwood is a super star in her on wright after all winning the Grammy eight times is no small issue im sure she will be at the top many many more times in the future please don’t get me wrong carrie underwood is a super star but some times the sun just shines for someone else we could argue that many more artists were missing so if your favourite artists was not on the list as they should be then we know they will bounce back and rise again…

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