American idol 2020

The idol”finale”

Let’s go back 2 years ago to the American Idol finale’. This was the time Luke Bryan came out on stage with all guns blazing. Exactly 2 years to date “In May 2020. He came out and sang “one Margarita” . When he sang that song you could not only hear it but you could also feel it . As well as having a video on a green screen in the background bringing it all to life. Let’s hope this song”one Margarita” which is about drinking. lifts up the spirits of the fans and helps them to be joyful 


 and merry. And not depressed. In a time when the whole world 


 is upside down. if we stay with the lyrics of the song 


 then we will feel merry and bright and cheerful and hopefully Especially in times like this. So all in all a great song of choice. There are a few songs I can recommend that are worthy of a listen to “knocking boots’Born Here’live Here’Die Here’and what she wants’ And they are on the album ‘Born Here’ Live Here’ Die here’. You know sometimes it’s good to go back and get the good feeling you had back then.And just remember this was the year that Luke Bryan sang ‘one Margarita ‘not only to drink spirits. but also to lift ours.

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