Tribute to Keith Whitley 

Tribute to Keith Whitley 

Kelly Clarkson has poured her heart out with an amazing tribute to have the confidence and the will and to take on such a challenge just shows the depth in her vocals and her ability the special tribute went out to Keith Whitley and to singing his final song the fans of Keith Whitley must have been on the edge of there seats listening to every note hoping it was sung to there approval well I must say Kelly Clarkson not only sung it perfectly but also with great respect 


 this was all done on the Kelly Clarkson show she did the song “I’m no stranger to the rain” a big hit for Keith in 1989 she had to be in top gear to get away with this but the fans knew she could do it and the lyrics about the rain and fighting with the devil and pulling through it all this tells us no matter how low we feel no matter what we are going through being strong and the sun will shine for us one day. This song was put out in 1989 the fifth and final release fro the album “Don’t Close Your eyes” Keith was a mere 34 when he passed away what a great loss to the world 


 what joy he would have brought us if he’d lived to a ripe old age imagine the many more great songs and albums he would have made and the joy he would have brought to our hearts what a great loss for this world 


. Kelly Clarkson loved country music as she came from lone star state she performed many other artists’ songs on stage which gave her joy of country music 


  and once she got that feeling then she had to spread her voice to the world..

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