Priscilla block's Debut album

Welcome to the Priscilla block’s Debut experience

This is what we have all been waiting for Priscilla block’s Debut album the lyrics on this album will leave you up to bring you down and throw you sideways even help you make children this album was 8 years in the making this album has been on her mind since 2014 what was the hold up whatever it was this album was well worth the wait with 12 lovely tracks who could really ask for more although I’m sure she has plenty more to give she has that greatness built-in so once again welcome to block party her debut album we the fans appreciate all the ups and downs and hard work you have put in you’ve done it for us and for yourself.

Now you can surely sing with anyone no name too big you can fill your boots you’ve not only co-wrote most songs but you have put your personal life into them which we as fans give you the utmost respect loving this album all the way block has given us the songs that tell us a little bit special part of her life although starting out nervous when writing with other geat songwriters she quickly found her feet as she is a natural and settled down straight away I mean it must be something magical and brave to put true to life and emotional stories into your songs and then once singing them bringing your pass back to life whether its joy or pain or just plain upset and that’s what makes her songs great one of her great song’s title “like a boy” now this was a true to life situation where she had a breakup and inspired by her dad she made a song about it.

we all know breaking up with anyone most of the time is hard to do so you can imagine the feelings she must have had while writing this song good or bad but the thing is she can never forget that time because every time she hears that song it will take her back to the time and place when she had to break up with that boy so your constantly reliving your past. but on the bright side once she had written the song she realized she had separated from the emotional damage of the relationship and therefore able to move forward with her life. Block seems to love writing songs that uplift women and give women strength which is a great thing if you buy any merchandise from the block you know she had a part in its design it’s making she always plays a part in anything produced by block so by buying block you are surely getting part of her so you only not hear her great music you can get a sense of belonging by connecting with her album covers t-shirt and take that emotion into your soul and you’ll get even more if you were to attend her headlining tour welcome to the block party that would now give you everything block has to give with plenty more in the near future block has become the ACM new artist of the year Nominee, so she now wants to make big changes in her approach when coming on to the stage whether the event is big or small she has mentioned more costume changes but let’s just wait and see what else this great artist has installed for us I wonder hmmm…

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